Unique Fireplace Tool Sets Enhance The Fireplace & Assist In Maintaining A Perfect Fire


Many people dream of having a fireplace in their home and being able to sit in front of the hearth watching the flames and dreaming warm pleasant thoughts. Whether you're building, renovating or purchasing a home, a fireplace is something that can easily be attained. However, to get the most out of your fireplace, you had better start shopping for some good fireplace tool sets.


   History of Fireplace Tools  

For as long as we've had fire, we've had some sort of fireplace tools, although they may not have been referred to as "fireplace tools" at that point. The first poker ever to be used (also called a firestick) was merely a stick of wood used to poke around and keep the fire burning. Through the years, the poker continued to be used along with the fire fork, which is similar to fire tongs. In 1898, the first major commercial pokers to be used as part of fireplace tool sets were produced by the RL Hendrickson Manufacturing Corporation. To this day, the poker is a major part of fireplace tools.

The fireplace broom started as a typical household broom and has been around for many years. Originally, the first brooms were round, which made it difficult for them to do an efficient job but easy to make. They were initially called a besom which was a round group of very small sticks tied together.  Then the name was changed to broom, which also signified the material used to make them. Short handles were put on fireplace brooms so they could be used like whiskbrooms, although the handles are slightly longer and are heat resistant.

Fireplace tongs have also been around for years, but were not originally referred to as part of a collection for the fireplace. In colonial times, the fireplace was the center of the home and was used for warmth, light, drying clothes and cooking food, with the tongs often used to stir the food. Today the tongs are necessary tools for the fireplace because of their excellent grabbing ability.


Fireplace shovels or scoops have become an essential part of the cleaning up and maintaining a clean area in and around the fireplace.


Tool sets for the fireplace   


These tool sets traditionally consist of several pieces, each serving their own purpose:


    •  Rack - This part of your collection, while not necessary for starting or maintaining your fire, provides you with an attractive place to neatly store your fireplace tools so they can be easily accessed when they're needed. Fireplace racks are available in a variety of styles to match your tool sets.

    •  Broom - Also referred to as a fireplace brush, this accessory is essential for sweeping up the small charred remains left from the fire as well as ashes before they get blown around. Their small size makes them perfect for keeping the entire area around the fireplace spotless, including the corners.

    •  Shovel or Scoop - This unique little tool makes cleaning up the ashes quick, easy and mess-free.

    •  Poker - This tool is probably the handiest and most useful of your entire fireplace tool set. The poker is a metal piece that has a pointed end and hook to easily shake up the logs or turn them for more even burning. Burned hands are no longer a concern when you have a poker as part of your fireplace tool collection.

    •  Tongs - This tool is a necessity for your fireplace. You can easily grab or turn your logs or remove them completely from the fire. It's the perfect tool when you need to empty your fireplace for cleaning.


Styles of Fireplace 'Tools


Fireplaces provide your home with more than just heat and warmth. They are also an item of beauty and will increase the value of your home. The fireplace is the heart of the room and, therefore, should have accessories that enhance the décor of the room. You want your room to be inviting for guests and there's nothing like reminding them of the "good ole days" of a fireplace to make them feel warm and welcome.


Fireplace tools are available today in a variety of styles and finishes. Some of the styles offered include traditional, contemporary and ornate. Your fireplace tool collection will not only match your fireplace but can be ordered so it also coordinates perfectly with the style of your room and furnishings. Some of the finishes available include:


  •   Black
  •   Bronze
  •   Copper
  •   Gold
  •   Brass
  •   Silver
  •   Pewter



The materials that go into the design of your fireplace tool set include iron, wrought iron, steel, brass and other materials as well. You'll find they're made to be very durable and will last a lifetime. Another bonus is the wide variety you'll find regardless of your budget.